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Caterpillar Fuel Injector C7

Caterpillar C7 Fuel Injector, 10R4761, 10R4762, 10R4763

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 These fuel injectors for the Catepillar C7 engine are completely and recalibrated to OEM specifications. For fitment or technical information, please call our offices at 1(800)961-9290. 

This product contains an item which is sold exchange, meaning the old unit, or 'core' must be returned within 35 days of order shipment. We do not charge a core fee at the time of sale, however we must have a credit card on file before shipping your order. A standard copy of our core agreement form and warranty policy is available on our Core Policy Page at  
All products included carry a one year, unlimited mileage warranty
Additional warranty coverage is available for purchase prior to and after sale. Diesel Care and Performance suggest fully reading and understanding the terms and conditions of our warranty policy prior to purchase and installation.


10R4761 20R8057 222-5959 222-5961  233-3536  236-0973  241-3238  243-4502  295-1408  328-2583 243-4502
10R4762  20R8058 222-5962  236-6011  238-9808 / 238-9809 241-3239  243-4503  295-1409  328-2584 295-1409
10R4763  20R8059 233-3535  236-0974  238-8091  241-3400  295-1410  328-2582 222-5958 222-5962 231-3400 246-2343