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6.6L EGR Turbo Install Kit

EGR Component and Turbo Install Kit for LGH LML 2011 - 2016 6.6L Chevrolet GM Duramax (AP0165)

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This complete OE gasket set for doing an EGR Valve, Blend Door, EGR Cooler or Turbocharger replacement job for 2011-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax LML and LGH engine code vehicles is manufactured by Alliant Power.

All Diesel Care and Performance products carry a one year warranty. Additional warranty coverage is available for purchase prior to and after sale. Diesel Care and Performance suggests fully reading and understanding the terms and conditions of our warranty policy prior to purchase and installation.

Compatible Turbos

Kit Contents Includes
1 Lower Turbo Inlet Seal
1 Upper Turbo Inlet Seal
2 Lower Up-pipe to Manifold Gaskets
2 Upper Up-Pipe to Turbo Gaskets
1 Outlet Pipe Gasket
1 Upper oil drain tube gasket
1 Lower oil drain tube gasket
2 Coolant Tube Banjo Washer
1 Coolant Tube Banjo Washer
2 EGR Valve Gaskets
3 EGR Valve Gasket
1 EGR Cooler Gasket
1 EGR Cooler Gasket
1 Blend Door Gasket
1 EGR Coolant Tube O-ring
1 Upper Intake Manifold Seal
2 Lower Intake Manifold Seal