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News from the Diesel World

  • Back in the Field

    As the weather warms up and the spring season approaches, it's time for diesel tractor owners to start thinking about getting their tractors back in the field. But before you hit the ground running, there are a few important maintenance steps you should take to ensure your tractor's fuel system is in top shape. 

    By taking the time to perform these important maintenance steps, you can help ensure that your tractor's fuel system is in top shape and ready for another season of hard work. Remember, regular maintenance is key to keeping your tractor running smoothly and avoiding costly repairs down the road.

  • The First Office

    "For it’s first couple of years, Diesel Care and Performance operated completely out of our house and backyard shed. We had cores and parts shipped to our front porch, the kitchen table was our accounting office, and everyone in the family pitched in."
  • Overhauling Returns

    "Diesel Care and Performance cared too much about their customers’ businesses to let their returns process stagnate. They worked with FedEx to create a simple process where return labels are sent to customers along with customized instructions for shipping."
  • The New Market

    "Attention is the most valuable commodity in the market of the internet."
  • Gas vs Diesel, The Better Value

    "They looked up and down the road and saw two thirds of this nation's goods being hauled around in diesel powered vehicles."
  • The Internet and the Death of a Salesman

    "An email has replaced a visit, a text replaced the handshake. We don't get flyers in the mail, we get PDF's. It is frustratingly efficient."