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DCP Core Policy

Diesel Care and Performance is one of the leading remanufacturing specialist in the United States. Specializing in a wide range of diesel applications, our technicians are trained to rebuild, remanufacture, and restore almost any fuel systems part, pump, or equipment you need. 

Many of the items we sell require the return of a core, which is the old unit replaced by our product. The original advertisement will specify if a core is required, and we always suggested to read the entirety of an advertisement prior to purchasing a product. 

Unlike many in the industry, Diesel Care and Performance does not charge the product core value at the time of purchase. By obtaining a signed core agreement form prior to the shipment of an order, we are able to deliver fair pricing to our customers and replenish our core supply. The core agreement form is an agreement between Diesel Care and Performance and the customer allowing Diesel Care and Performance to retain the customers' credit card information for 35 days from shipment of product to ensure that the core of the product is returned in a timely fashion. The form is a electronic, sign-able form that can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to you. Please be aware, any cored product will require a core agreement form on file prior to product shipping. If you arrange to deliver your cores to our offices or pay for the core value prior to product shipment, the core agreement form is not required. 

Upon receiving your product, you will receive a core return form with an address to return cores to. Please be sure to fill it out completely and correctly, so that we can receive the cores in on the correct order.  If you send your cores without our return form, then we do not have a way to correctly apply those core returns and could be liable for late charges or the full core charge. Please also insure the package in case of loss or damage during transit. 

A standard copy of our core agreement form is below. Simply copy and paste this into any word processing application you have on your computer, fill it out and email or print it and fill it out.

Diesel Care and Performance Core Agreement Form

Application Information for product purchased.

YEAR________ MAKE_____________ MODEL_____________


Authorization for Credit Card Use if cores are not returned within 35 days

All information will remain confidential – This card number will be verified with your Provider.
Name on Order: ___________________________________ Ship to State: _____
Name on Card: ________________________________________________
Billing Street Address: _______________________________ Zip _____________
Contact telephone number _____________________________________________
Credit Card Number: ____________________________Expiration Date: /
Card Identification Number: ______ (last 3 digits located on the back of the credit card)
_________I authorize Diesel Care and Performance Inc. to charge the core
charge to the credit card provided herein if the items on the invoice are not
returned within 35 days after this date___________. I agree to pay for this
purchase in accordance with the issuing bank cardholder agreement.
__________I understand that there will be a 1% per day late fee for late returns
starting on the 36th day.

Cardholder – Please Sign and Date
Signature: _______________________________ Date:_____________

PLEASE NOTE: Cores must be able to be rebuilt and the same part number. They cannot be damaged beyond what is reasonable and customary for the application. They can not be sent in disassembled. Core substitutions are not allowed on cores, and no credit will be issued for the core charge. Also, we do not offer warranty on any exchange item when we have not had the ability to review the original failure, so you MUST return the unit off your vehicle.