Rebuild and Return Policy

At Diesel Care and Performance, we understand the importance of keeping your diesel engine running smoothly. That's why we offer Rebuild Services, a cost-effective way to repair your fuel injection components at a fraction of the cost of other exchange options. With decades of experience, our trained technicians can quickly repair your pump using remanufactured parts and get it back to you in as little as two weeks. Plus, our Rebuild Services come with a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty for added peace of mind. Don't miss out on these amazing savings and trust the experts at Rebuild Services at Diesel Care and Performance for all your diesel needs.

What is an Rebuild Service? What does R & R mean? 

In the automotive industry, R & R stands for ‘rebuild and return’. An Rebuild Service, also known as a rebuild service, is when a customer sends their fuel injection pump or product to our facilities to be rebuilt and then returned to the customer. There are many reasons a Rebuild Service may be the best option for you. Keep reading for more information. 

Why use a Rebuild Service?

In this ever-changing economy, cost is becoming a major factor for many consumers. Utilizing our Rebuild Services at Diesel Care and Performance is a significantly more cost-effective way to get your fuel injection components repaired for a lower cost. Usually, our Rebuild Services are priced roughly 30% cheaper than our exchange options. This gives our customers more competitive pricing, and more money in their wallets. 

Additionally, when using an Rebuild Service, customers are sending their old unit or ‘core’ to us initially. Customers don’t have to worry about core charges or credits. Just send your unit to us for repair! 

Lastly, due to the extreme supply chain issues in our industry, many competitors are unable to offer exchange options for specific models or older applications. Our vast technical database and inventory at our facility allows are trained technicians to repair your pump with remanufactured parts in a timely fashion, and often at a fraction of the cost! 

How long does a Rebuild Service take? 

Because we have such a high volume of Rebuild Service customers, Diesel Care and Performance keeps the standard repair parts for many applications in stock at all times. We have multiple technicians with decades of experience completely dedicated the fulfilling Rebuild Service jobs. On a typical job that does not require extensive repair, a R & R job will take 2 weeks at our facility. During our busy season, such as March and October, this time might be extended to 3-4 weeks. If an injection pump is particularly damaged and requires uncommon or scare parts, the most time-consuming process will be parts procurement. Please be aware that each Rebuild Service timeframe is dependent on the condition and application in which the product is received. 

What is included in the price of the Rebuild Service? 

All our Rebuild Services are priced out with standard parts being replaced. This often includes soft parts such as seals and gaskets, and some hard parts that are known to fail. However, if your pump has extensive damage or needs additional parts to be completed, we will always call you and quote you additionally for those parts. If you decided not to proceed with the repair, no problem! We will send your pump back to you. We will keep a non-refundable $100.00 fee that covers our technical assessment and general processing of your order. You will be responsible for return shipping cost of your product. 

What is the warranty and return policy for Rebuild Services? 

Our Rebuild Service comes with our one-year, unlimited mileage warranty. Technical assistance and troubleshooting is also available through our warranty department. Due to the nature of the Rebuild Services, these services are non-refundable once completed. If you request your pump or product to be returned to you prior to completion, we will retain a non-refundable $100.00 deposit for our technical assessment and general order processing.