Diesel Care and Performance Core Information

Returning your cores? 

All shipping information for your core return can be found in the downloadable form below. 

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Core Policy

"All orders which required the return of a core also require that Diesel Care and Performance has a signed core agreement and a valid credit / debit card on file prior to fulfillment and shipment of the order. If you do not wish to have a credit card on file for your convenience, you may pay for the core value at the time of order fulfillment, or Diesel Care and Performance may hold your order until the cores are received into our facilities. Once cores are received, inspected, and processed, we will fulfill and ship your order.
The on-file payment method will not be charged unless the core is not returned within 35 days of product delivery. Once the core return is deemed late, the customer agrees to a 1% late fee per day, totaling no more than 30% of the monetary value of the cores, also known as consecutive late fees, until the core is either returned to Diesel Care and Performance, or the full monetary value of the core is billed to the customer."

Definition of a Core:
The core is the old unit, which was replaced by the new or rebuilt item. All exchange product and purchases will be detailed in the product description on our item listings, or will be discussed by Diesel Care and Performance when orders are placed over the phone.

Shipping Method:
After installing the new / exchange item, simply put the core back in the original shipping box, as long as the box has not sustained any excessive damage in original transit. Please drain off oil or fuel if possible. Wrap in sturdy plastic or packaging material and secure core as best possible. The customer is ultimately responsible for the safe return of cores. Please be mindful of respective shipping company’s compliance and guidance for shipping cores. Failure to properly package your core could jeopardize the safe and complete delivery of the core. Diesel Care and Performance does not provide a pre-paid return label to you for the core return. Please retain your tracking information for your core return to ensure safe delivery. The tracking information must show delivery by the shipping carrier for core credit to be applied.

Core Physical Condition:
All cores should be returned in “as is off the engine” condition. If they are disassembled, been through a fire, are missing parts, display visible damage to the threading, display extensive pitting or visible damage, or are missing parts, then you may be charged partially or IN FULL for the monetary value of the cores. Core substitutions are not allowed on cores, and no credit will be issued for the core charge. Cores must be the same OEM part number as the received product. Also, we do not offer warranty on any exchange item when we have not had the ability to review the original failure, so you MUST return the unit off your engine. If you have questions regarding the condition of your cores, please contact us at 800.961.9290. All cores are expected to be a “like for like” exchange for the exchange product purchased. If you are purchasing an exchange product and do not have an exact matching core for the product purchased, please be prepared to pay for the monetary value of the core or contact us directly to explore possible options.

After 45 Days:
The credit or debit card that is placed on file will be billed for the full monetary value of the core once the core is 10 days past due. If the payment method is unable to clear for the full monetary value, a 10% late fee will be billed to the card. If the full monetary value of the core cannot be collected, an additional percentage totally no more that 30% of the monetary core value will be collected in accordance with our ‘1% per day late fee’ policy mentioned above. Once the core late fees and monetary value of the core is collected, the Dealer has no more than 14 days to return the cores for full store credit of the monetary value of the core. Any and all late fees collected are non-refundable.

If at any time, the credit card placed on file is found to be invalid, or attempts to collect (the fees and monetary values forementioned in this agreement) made by Diesel Care and Performance as detailed in this agreement are disputed, the customer’s account and all rewards, benefits, and pending orders will be placed on hold.

If you are attempting to return a core after a core deposit has been collected due to a late core or lack of core return, please note that only the monetary value of the core is refundable. ANY LATE FEES INCURRED DUE TO LATE OR NEGLECT TO RETURN A CORE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Meaning, the issued refund will be less the incurred late fees depending on when the core was returned. After a core is deemed 100 days late, no credit can be offered in terms of a refund on core collections.

If you have additional questions or do not understand the core policy, please call 1.800.961.9290.