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Block Heater Element and Cord

Block Heater Element & Cord for 6.2L 6.5L Chevrolet GMC Duramax

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Engine heater cords are a must have for the winter months when your diesel is exposed to the harsh elements. Engine heater cords warm the oil and antifreeze and various fluids in the engine, making it easier for your engine to start. This prevents rough starting and wear and tear on your engine systems. This block heater comes with the heating element, but we also offer the cord by itself as well. 

All Diesel Care and Performance products carry a six-month warranty. Additional warranty coverage is available for purchase prior to and after sale. Diesel Care and Performance suggests fully reading and understanding the terms and conditions of our warranty policy prior to purchase and installation.



( 6.2L 6.2 62 62L 62 L )

( 6.5L 6.5 65 65L 65 L )