6.0L Ford Powerstroke Injector Removal and Installation Guide

6.0L Injector Removal & Installation

Special Tools
 Item  Part Number
Quick Disconnect Tool 303-625
Disconnect Tool, Quick Release Coupling 303-755
Release Tool, Injector Connector 303-1115
 Item Specification

Super Duty SAE 15W-40          


Engine Oil       


XO015W40-QSD or equivalent



1. Remove the valve cover.

2. Disconnect the fuel injector electrical connector. Using tool 303-755.

3. Disconnect the high-pressure oil rail supply line at the high-pressure oil rail.

4. Remove the bolts and the high-pressure oil rail. (Early model will be a straight rail. Late model will be a wavy rail.)

5. Disconnect and remove the high-pressure oil supply line.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to put battery voltage to the fuel injector or damage to the fuel injector will occur.

6. Using the special tool 303-1115, push the fuel injector electrical connector out of the rocker arm carrier.

7. Prior to removing the injector assembly, insert clean shop towels in the oil drain holes adjacent to each glow plug.

8.CAUTION: Failure to account for all snap rings or pieces prior to placing the vehicle back in service can cause engine damage. A missing snap ring can be ingested into the lube oil system, causing severe engine damage.

CAUTION: To prevent engine damage, do not use air tools to remove the fuel injectors. The clip that extracts the injector can dislodge and fall into the oil drain hole.

NOTE: There is no need to drain the fuel rail.

NOTE: If engine coolant is found in the combustion chambers, it may be necessary to install a new fuel injector sleeve. For additional information, refer to Fuel Injector Sleeve in this section.

NOTE: Use a tool like Snap-On SDMT44O torx to avoid damaging the fuel injector plastic and to avoid interference with the evaporator case.

NOTE: There is no need to drain the fuel rail.

Remove the bolt, fuel injector hold-down and fuel injector. (Early models T40. Late models T45)