7.3L Ford Powerstroke Injector Installation Instructions

Powerstroke Injector Installation Instructions

These injectors are letter coded according to year mode. Please verify letter code before installation. 

Special Tools


Step 1:  Remove the valve cover.  Drain the fuel from the cylinder heads. (You will need to loosen the drain plugs.  They are located at the rear of each cylinder head.)

Step 2:  Remove the oil drain plugs.  Remove the bolt and the oil deflector from the fuel injector hold-down plate.

Step 3:  Remove the fuel injector outboard retaining bolts.  Using injector remover (303-491) remove the fuel injector.  (Visual inspection of the removed injectors is critical.  Verify that all three external orings are present and the copper sealing washer for the nozzle.  If the copper washer is not on the injector at removal retrieve it from the injector cup.)

Once the injectors are removed you should inspect your cups for any cracking or wear. If engine oil has been found in the coolant or if coolant is found in the combustion chamber you should remove and replace injector cups. This procedure can be found under TB931-301



Remove all engine oil and fuel from the cylinder before installing the injectors. This must be done to avoid hydrostatic lock and possible engine failure. Do not strike the injector to seat it. Use hand pressure to seat the injector. You will know it has seated when the hold-down plate is flush with the cylinder head. 

Step 4:  Insert the injector into the cylinder head using the injector replacer (303-492).  Lube the injector o-rings with engine oil to avoid damage to o-rings.

Step 5:  Secure the fuel injector outboard retaining bolts. (12 Nm or 9 lb/ft)

Step 6:  Install the oil deflector on the fuel injector hold-down plate. (12 Nm or 9 lb/ft)

Step 7:  Install the oil drain plugs. (6 Nm of 53 lb/in)

Step 8:  Tighten the fuel drain plug located at the rear of each cylinder head.  Install valve covers.

Step 9:  Verify that batteries are fully charged.  Start up may be delayed due to purging of air from the system.