DCP Return & Refund Policy

Diesel Care and Performance Inc. is committed to providing exceptional customer service and delivering quality parts and services to all customers. If you have received a defective or unsatisfactory product, please contact us to receive a warranty replacement at no charge. We can be reached at 901-343-6453, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST. You can also reach us online via email at sales@dieselcare.net and we will process your request as soon as possible. 

Not sure what you need? Diesel Care and Performance also provides free technical support, with no purchase necessary! We have skilled technicians ready to troubleshoot any technical issues you are having with your diesel engine, and we provide solutions with products best suited for your make, model, and mileage. If you are seeking store credit or a full refund for a product purchased, please follow the below instructions to make your refund process as hassle-free as possible. 

How your refund is processed is determined by how you purchased your products originally. If you have purchased a Diesel Care and Performance brand item on a third-party website such as eBay or Amazon, please request a refund through these sites. Diesel Care and Performance as a third-party seller of these websites, is obligated to abide by the rules and regulations of the websites and their processes, in order to remain in good standing with these sites. Because you have previously paid for products or services through these sites, Diesel Care and Performance does not have access to process your refund or return outside these systems. Also, please be aware that if you have paid tax or additional processing fees through these sites, any approved credit or refund amount owed to you will be less these amounts. This is because tax and other fees are funds collected by the third-party sites, which Diesel Care and Performance is not compensated for.  If you would like credit on these amounts, you will have to address this request with eBay or Amazon directly. All products and services purchased through these sites are covered under the sites’ refunds and return policies. If you need more information on these policies, here are some helpful links. 



If you have purchased your products through our direct website, dieselcare.store, or you placed an order over the phone, via email, or with our company directly, we will be able to manage your refund completely within our company. Once you have contacted our staff via email or over the phone, our dedicated customer service team will send you a e-sign document detailing our return and refund policy. This allows us to quickly identify your returned product once it reaches our facilities, and also ensures we as the company, and you as the customer, fully understand the extent and limitations of our return and refund policy.

Please note, we will need to process a refund or returns request prior to your product being delivered to our offices to best serve you. If your product is returned to our facility before filling out the Return & Refund Request Form, you will experience delays in your refund process. Please allow for 14 business days for your funds to be returned to you. For a easy returns process, please follow the below instructions.

 If you are seeking full credit, less the shipping cost, back to your original payment method, we expect the purchased product to be returned in the following conditions:

Product must be uninstalled and in its original packaging. Already opened the package? No problem! Just be sure the product is not damaged in any way and again, has not be installed in an engine.

Product must be in transit to our facilities with a valid tracking number within 30 days of original sale to be eligible for a full refund. Customers are responsible for shipping the product back to our facilities located at 3901 Thomas Street, Memphis Tennessee, 38127.

Once your tracking number shows delivery to our facility, please allow 2-3 days for a customer service representative to reach out to you concerning your refund. Our management staff will review the product that was returned to ensure it is uninstalled and not damaged, and that it is able to be recovered by our warehouse.

We will then be able to refund your funds to the original method of payment. Please note, Diesel Care and Performance will only refund your funds to the original method of payment. If your original method of payment is no longer accessible to you, such as a debit card being lost or stolen, or your account has been compromised, we will need a signed letter from your financial institution verifying this information so that other payment arrangements can be made.

Please allow 24-48 hours for your funds to be returned to your original method of payment. The time frame for funds to be refunded typically depends on your bank or financial services provider, but we can also provide a transaction ID for your reference upon request.

If you previously purchased a kit, or multiple products at a discounted rate of the list price, Diesel Care and Performance will be not be able to offer you a full refund or the ‘list price’ refund. Diesel Care and Performance is only able to provide competitive pricing by selling such products together, so any credit or refund will be offered at a discount from the original or individual pricing on the product in question. If you would like to return the kit you purchased, you must return the kit in its’ entirety to be eligible to receive credit of any kind. Examples include; wishing to return 1 or 2 injectors from a full set that was purchased, wishing to return glow plugs from a ‘super kit’ that was purchased, etc. These returns can only be honored if all individual items are returned and uninstalled.

If you previously purchased a rebuild service or a ‘made to order’ product, Diesel Care and Performance will be unable to provide a refund on this service. We will also not offer a refund on test and check services or other previously arranged services that are unable to be physically returned to our facilities.

If you are wishing to return an item that is sold from a third-party vendor or manufacturer of ours, such as an engine overhaul kit, branded items such as MAHLE, Air Dog, ARP, etc., we will not issue credit until credit is issued to us by the vendor. Please note that these items also carry the manufacturer’s warranty, and are not covered by Diesel Care and Performance’s independent warranty policy.

Due to the nature of our business, some products we sell are not eligible for a refund. Products that are not eligible for a refund include but are not limited to; o-rings, seals, opened piece part kits such as gasket kits, bearings, etc., major electrical components such as starters, solenoids, alternators, wiring harnesses, minor electrical components such as connectors, terminals, switches, shop supplies such as additive, paint, chemicals, etc. Again, any parts that are previously installed or damaged are not eligible for a full credit refund.

If your product is already installed, or falls outside our 30-day window, Diesel Care and Performance reserves the right and discretion to impose a 20% restocking fee or disapprove a refund request entirely.

Diesel Care and Performance reserves to right and discretion to impose a 20% restocking fee, or refuse to honor a refund if the product is returned in the following conditions:

- Removed for a machine or engine, previously installed

- Incomplete, weathered, burned, or damaged

- Unidentified or non-recognizable by our staff

- Removed from sealed packages

- Having an indication that protective caps, plugs, or coverings were removed

- Discontinued or sold at or more than 25% discount from list pricing, or items on clearance

- Having an indication that lacquered seals are broken or tampered with

- Not in a sellable condition or in original packaging

- Any electrical components such as major electrical components such as starters, solenoids, alternators, wiring harnesses, minor electrical components such as connectors, terminals, switches

Again, if you are seeking a replacement or warranty part, please contact our offices for a hassle-free warranty replacement, free of charge. If you would like to review a copy of our warranty policy, please review our warranty policy on our online store.