Diesel Care Dealer's Program

To become a Diesel Care Dealer, call us at 901-343-6453

"Why should I become a Diesel Care Dealer?"

As a member of our dealer program, you'll get access to

  • 60-day core return window on all exchange products, third party vendor products excluded. 
  • Free return labels for core returns 
  • Discounted pricing
  • Preferred inventory selection on fast-selling items
  • Hassle free warranty exchanges on all products and services 

"Am I eligible to become a dealer?"

DCP Dealer accounts are designed to make your parts purchasing seamless and easy. With a dedicated salesman at your disposal and on-file payment information, getting the parts you need is the easiest part of your next job. Any customer is eligible, as long as you maintain no less than 1 purchase and a purchase total of no less than $1000.00 within a 90-day period, your Dealer account is in good standing. Essentially, if you’re buying one or two sets of injectors a month, the DCP Dealer Program is made for you! 

"How do I get started?"

The application to become a DCP Dealer is a simple e-document sent to your email. Once approved, you will be contacted by a dedicated salesman. Your entire account, from tracking information to warranty exchanges, will be handled by this salesman. You will have direct contact information and after-hours access to our staff, ensuring that any issue or parts needed are handled ASAP.

We are also excited to announce our customer rewards program, "Diesel Dollars". When you create your account, you'll instantly start earning points that you can redeem for discounts on all the parts you need, from O-rings to fuel injectors. Click the button below to create your account today and start earning your own Diesel Dollars.

Click here to sign up for our rewards program: Diesel Dollars 

For a downloadable PDF of our catalog, click the link below.