Instructions for Increasing Fuel Delivery on a DB2 Application.



Please note: This procedure is to be done for testing procedures only. Never alter the calibration of a fuel injection system with verifying the calibration on a certified test bench.

Locate the triangle shaped plate on the side of the injection pump. On a 6.5/6.5 it will be on the drivers side of the vehicle, on a 6.9/7.3 it will be on the passenger side.

Remove the two screws that hold the plate to the pump.

After removing the plate, fuel will drain from the pump. 

You will see a cam plate with a line scribed on it and a hole to one side. Rotate the engine/pump until you see the following:

Once you see the allen head screw come visible, stop.

Insert and allen wrench at the 12 o’clock position and adjust the screw clockwise the increase fuel delivery. For every 1/8 of a turn you should increase delivery 5-7%  DO NOT adjust more that a ¼ turn without checking drivability of the engine.

After adjusting pump, reinstall plate and prime fuel injection pump. 

If the vehicle has black smoke at idle, or excessive black smoke, reverse the procedure to an acceptable level.