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Staff Bios

Billy Williams, President
Billy Williams, President
Billy has worked in the fuel injection industry for over twenty years. Starting first in Mobile, AL with Test Calibration and then moving to Memphis to manage the fuel shop operations at Mid-South Power Distributors, Billy had learned the valuable lessons that would help him start his own business.

Starting first in his home, Billy began doing simple manufacturing work for a parts distribution company, quickly moving his operation to a small office unit in Bartlett, TN. After several months more production contracts forced DCP to expand their operation to a 4,000 sqft. facility nearby. By 2006 DCP had nine full time employees and had exceeded a million dollars in sales annually. When the production contracts begin too slow up, Billy turned his eyes to the internet as a means of growing his business.

 This proved to be a business altering venture, as DCP became one of the industry leaders in online based web sales. Innovations such as IM tech support and the use of online auctions sites such as Ebay Inc. were just a few that DCP was involved in early on.

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Zach Williams, Head of Marketing

Zach Williams, Head of Marketing
Zach start his career with DCP bead blasting DB2 pumps in a shed behind his father's house. Since then, he has worked as a life guard at Kia Kima Scout Reservation, and as an Educator for the Tennessee Shakespeare Company.

Zach enjoys being outdoors, painting, and live music.

His favorite movies are "Dead Poets Society", "O, Brother, Where Art Thou?", and "Anchorman"

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Tori Williams, Chief Financial Officer
Tori grew up around horses, big trucks, and a lot of diesel pumps. Her family’s business is just ten years younger than she is, and DCP has been the backdrop of most of her young adult life. 

After graduating from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville (Go Vols!), Tori began her official career at Diesel Care and Performance as the Human Resources Director in 2016. As a senior manager, Tori has redeveloped employee management and internal work processes to make our company work better in this millennial age. In 2018, Tori was promoted to Chief Financial Officer. As an executive of the company, Tori looks forward to the exciting and demanding developments in the diesel industry. 

When not working at Diesel Care, Tori enjoys local Memphis music and theatre, long drives in her Jeep Wrangler, and spending time with her golden retriever, Wilco. 

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Mike Williamson, Heavy Duty Specialist
Mike is a former college football player who has had an interest in automotive for most of his life.

He enjoyed working on Ford race cars from high school through college when his interest shifted to the parts and technical end. He has experience from Performance,  Automobiles, Agriculture, Construction as well as Class 8 Trucks.

Mike is a strong researcher and loves to examine difficult situations.

“If the part is available I can and will find it.”

Back ground companies.
 -Heavy Duty Engine Parts Specialist
Diesel Care and Performance
 -Turbo & Engine Parts Specialist
Mondial Automotive
-Product Manager, Engine, Technical Trainer Engine
TruckPro, Inc.
-Domestic Customer Service Supervisor
AE Clevite
-Express Parts / Engines
-Customer service
Reliable Automotive
-Performance Parts Sales
Tennessee Speed Sport

Phone: 901-605-0187
Ig: @dieselcaremicheal
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Andrea Pankey, Administrative Assistant

Andrea works in accounting and customer service. She is proactive and an empathic support advocate for our customers. Andrea moved here from Missouri last year to join our team. Before working for us, Andrea worked in communications and is fluent in American sign language.
Andrea likes to spend her off time with her one-year old son and binge watching her favorite shows.

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Luke Helms, Service Manager

Luke started with DCP in 2011 as a common rail technician. Over the years he has held almost every job title the shop offers and in 2018 was selected to be Service Manager, after the company expanded to also include a drive in service. Specializing in Commonrail, Huei, Bosch and Siemens, Luke has received training in several countries and is always happy to answer any fuel related questions you may have.

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Patricia Bills, Assistant Service Manager

Patricia has worked for Diesel Care and Performance for the last three years. Patricia was promoted to assistant service manager at the beginning of 2019. She specializes in agricultural and industrial diesel applications and handles all customer rebuild paperwork and logistics. 

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Lauren Goff, Sales Manager

Lauren is a seasoned veteran saleswoman at Diesel Care and Performance. For over six years Lauren has served customers with care and grace. She is willing to provide the best experience and service to all of our customers, and is standing by to answer and administrate all your diesel questions and needs. When Lauren is not hard at work, she enjoys spending time with her 2 children, swimming, hiking or binge watching her favorite tv shows.

Give her a call, and let's get your beloved machine what it needs today!

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Hunter Pullen, General Product Specialist

Hunter has been working for Diesel Care and Performance for three years now and has enjoyed every minute of it.  He has always enjoyed diesel and engines in general. Growing up, he spent a lot time on the farm and at the race track from drag races to dirt races. Hunter started as a technician at Diesel Care working and getting to know our product from the bottom up! He has built and repaired many different types of fuel injection. The most challenging thing he has encountered at Diesel Care would be the 6.5 electronic style pump. "It has brought me many challenges and issues; being able to finally build a pump fully to spec was a great achievement."  Hunter enjoys speaking with customers about the issues they are having and trouble shooting with them to get to the root of the problem. "There is no better feeling then getting another diesel back on the road or another tractor back in the field. I look forward to hearing from you and assisting with all your diesel needs."  

IG: @pullen_25
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