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6.0L Ford Banjo Bolt

Updated High Flow Banjo Bolt & Washer Kit for 6.0L 6.4L Ford Powerstroke

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This high flow banjo bolt upgrade kit is designed for the 6.0L and 6.4L Ford Powerstroke applications to better manage fuel flow and pressure for your engine. Make sure your engine is getting maximum fuel delivery to your injectors so you get the most out of your diesel engine. The original banjo bolts on the 6.0L and 6.4L diesel engine limited the fuel delivery by having a check valve that was redundant. We upgraded the design of our high flow banjo bolts to eliminate this oversight and make sure your injectors get the fuel pressure they need to keep you going. Replacing your OEM banjo bolts with our upgraded high flow banjo bolts will help your engine manage fuel delivery to your injectors considerably. Our bolts come with the washers needed to install. 


All Diesel Care and Performance products carry a one year, unlimited mileage warranty. Additional warranty coverage is available for purchase prior to and after sale. Diesel Care and Performance suggests fully reading and understanding the terms and conditions of our warranty policy prior to purchase and installation.



( 6.0L 6.0 60 60L 60 L )

( 6.4L 6.4 64 64L 64 L )