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LLY Injector Installation Kit
LLY Fuel Lines
LLY Glow Plugs
LLY Injector Installation Kit

70% Over Injector and Installation Kit for LLY 6.6L Chevrolet GMC Duramax

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These injectors are using all new BOSCH control valves and aftermarket high performance nozzles. These are Chevrolet brand injectors in our facility in Memphis and are calibrated on this MakTest machine utilizing "clean room" technology.

This kit includes:
2 - Return Line Kits 
8 - Fuel Injectors (70% over standard fuel delivery) 
8 - Glow Plugs
1 - Oil Filter  

Due to the performance application of this kit, these parts carry a fitment only warranty. This product contains an item which is sold exchange, meaning the old unit, or 'core' must be returned within 35 days of order shipment. For more information regarding our core and warranty policies please visit

The core charge on this product is $135 per injector.

Interchangeable Part Number Information: 

97303657 , 97780144 , 0 986 435 504 , 0986435504 , 0 445 120 027 , 0445120027    


( 6.6L 6.6 66 66L 66 L )