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Cummins Injection Pump Diagram
Cummins Injection Pump

Refurbished Repair Kit for Big Cam Cummins AFC / PTG Injection Pump

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This is an overhaul kit for an AFC / PTG Cummins injection pump that was fitted to class eight engines from the 70's up through the 90's  I have attached a picture of the pump that this kit will Refurbished. This is a multi-fit kit that will have left over parts depending on whether you are building an AFC or PTG style pump. This Refurbished kit is ready to ship and carries a one year warranty. 

We also offer a Refurbished service on this pump! Wanna try to fix it yourself first? If you buy this kit and can't make it work just right, we will take $50.00 off your Refurbished service. 
"We have used these kits for years in our Refurbished shop and the consistent quality of the products is unsurpassed...."
Luke Helms - Service Manager -  DCP Inc.