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6.0L Ford Powerstroke Resurrection Kit
6.0L Ford Powerstroke Resurrection Kit

Resurrection Solutions Kit for 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Applications

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 Whether you are looking for a complete overhaul of your truck's fuel and electronics systems, or are Refurbisheding a motor from scratch, this resurrection solutions kit has everything you need to get back on the road. All items in this kit are built and tested at our fuel shop and warehouse facility in Memphis, Tennessee and all products carry a one year, unlimited mileage warranty. We offer free shipping on this kit and extremely competitive pricing, so you can be confident that you're getting the best deal on your parts. If you would like to upgrade any items in this kit, give us a call at 1.800.961.9290 and we can get you exactly what you need. 

This resurrection solutions kit comes with the following parts: 

  •  MAHLE brand head gaskets 
  •  Glow plug harness
  •  Lift pump 
  •   FICM (core return required)
  •  FICM wiring harness 
  •  16 oz. bottle of additive 
  •  Updated fuel pressure regulator spring kit with housing 
  •  Head bolts and studs 
  •  Valve roller / lifters, set of 16 
  •  Full set of injectors (core return required)
  •  Injector cup / sleeves
  •  Coolant filter
  •  Oil filter 
  •  Fuel filter
  •  Pick up tank screen filter  
  •  Set of oil rails (core return required)
  •  Set of glow plugs
  •  Set of valve cover gaskets
  •  Glow plug relay module
  •   turbocharger (core return required)
  •  Intake gaskets with spare parts
  •   high pressure oil pump (core return required)
  •  Set of 8 retainer clips for injectors
  •  Oil cooler
  •  Updated stand pipes and dummy plugs
  •  Glow plug harness removal tool

All products included carry a one year, unlimited mileage warrantyAdditional warranty coverage is available for purchase prior to and after sale. Diesel Care and Performance suggest fully reading and understanding the terms and conditions of our warranty policy prior to purchase and installation.

This product contains an item which is sold exchange, meaning the old unit, or 'core' must be returned within 35 days of order shipment. We do not charge a core fee at the time of sale, however we must have a credit card on file before shipping your order. A standard copy of our core agreement form and warranty policy is available on our Core Policy Page at  

The core charge on this product is $150.00 per injector and $450 per pump

Interchangeable / OE Part Number:

1845879C91 , 1843481C94 , 1843481C95 , 3C3Z-9E527-ECRM , CN-5020-RM , 3C3Z-9E527-ABRM , 3C3Z-9E527-AE , 3C3Z-9E527-EARM , 3C3Z-9E527-EBRM , CN-5013-RM , 4C3Z-9E527-BRM , CN-5019-RM , 1844751C , 4C3Z-9E527-AA , CN-5015 , 6918-PP , AP60900 , AP60901 , 4C3Z9E527AA , 4C3Z9E527BRM , 7E7Z9E527AA , 6919-PP



( 6.0L 6.0 60 60L 60 L )