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7.3L Ford DB2 Injection Pump

DB2-5013 Non Turbo Injection Pump with Install Kit for 7.3L Ford International

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You are purchasing a 7.3L injection pump for the non turbo application.

This will fit all Ford 7.3L applications that either came from the factory turbocharged or had an add on turbo kit installed. The unit comes with a one year replacement warranty. We have all year models and part numbers in stock. You can contact us with questions or comments. 


All pumps are completely disassembled for complete parts inspection.

All housing are bored and a new, oversized advance piston is installed on every pump.

Solenoids are bench ohm tested for tolerances.

All gaskets and seals are changes using the correct Viton materials

Calibrated to OEM Ford/Stanadyne Calibration standards.


This product is sold exchange. You must contact us to make arrangements for the core charge/deposit prior to shipment of your order. See below for additional details.

The core charge on this product is $300.00 per pump.


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( 7.3L 7.3 73 73L 73 L )