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Ford Powerstroke Rollers

Precision Roller Lifter Set for 6.0L 6.4L 7.3L Ford Powerstroke

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Roller lifters are an essential component of a vehicle's engine, and the 6.0L, 6.4L, and 7.3L Ford Powerstroke engines are no exception. These roller lifters are designed to provide smooth and consistent operation of the engine's valves, allowing for maximum performance and efficiency. Made from high-quality materials and built to withstand the demands of high-performance engines, these roller lifters are a reliable and durable choice for your Ford Powerstroke engine. With a one year unlimited mileage warranty, you can trust that it's built to last. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing lifters or replace a worn-out set, these roller lifters are the perfect solution for your needs.