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John Deere Transfer Pump

Transfer Pump for Internal CAV DPA John Deere Perkins Ford Massey Ferguson

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The internal transfer blades and liner can be replaced while the fuel pump is still installed on the tractor or engine. While most failures require the pump to be removed and fully repaired, we do see many instances of a worn transfer pump which can be replaced in the field. The following instructions are a simple 'how to' for DPA style pumps fitted for diesel applications from about 1970 to 1990. 

1. Locate the injection pump and go to the rear of the pump (opposite the drive end). 

2. As pictured above, remove the four screws and place the endplate to the side. 

3. As pictured above, pull out the liner and blades and install the new parts. This will allow the injection pump to build pressure and in many instances this simple repair can solve poor performance, hard starting, or running rough.

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